Several new products from Sony have been announced at NAB 2008 for the XDCam EX line-up. These include the PMW-EX3 camcorder, the PMW-EX30 deck, and the PHU-60K professional hard-disk unit. Also showing the NAB is a prototype 32 GB SxS PRO solid-state memory card.

The PMW-EX3 camcorder is similar to the PMW-EX1, announced at NAB 2007 – but the major difference is that the EX3 features interchangeable lenses. The EX3 is larger than the EX1, and offers gen-lock and timecode in/out for multi-camera operation and so that it can be configured for studio use. The new camcorder is expected to be available in the autumn of 2008, pricing is expected to be less than $13,000 (£6,625).

The PMW-EX30 model is Sony's first solid-state memory recorder/player and for feeding content to existing HD and/or SD non-linear editing systems. The 1080i/720p switchable unit has an HDMI digital connection; has HD-SDI in/out, and can also be used as an SxS PRO card reader/writer. Pricing of the PMW-EX30 is expected to be less than $6,000 (£3,057).

Also showing is the PHU-60K hard-disk unit designed for use with XDCAM EX camcorders. This is a 1.8-inch, 60GB external storage unit with an USB 2.0 interface. Recording times of 200 minutes in 35Mbps HQ mode and 260 minutes in 25Mbps SP (standard play) mode. When attached to a camcorder, the hard-disk unit functions just like an SxS PRO card, with thumbnail views available on the LCD panel of the PMW-EX1 or PMW-EX3 camcorders or PMW-EX30 deck.

Sony plans to introduce a 32GB SxS PRO memory card later this year. One 32GB SxS PRO memory card will record 100 minutes of full HD 1920-x-1080 video at 35Mbps, and 140 minutes of 1440-x-1080 video at 25Mbps.