Panasonic has announced the AG-DVX100 - the first Mini-DV camcorder that can record images in the 24p format. The format runs at 24 frames per second, the same speed as conventional motion picture film cameras. The company claims this makes the format available at a much lower price than before - with the camera costing $3,495. UK pricing has yet to be announced. Panasonic says: "The AG-DVX100 substantially reduces the cost-of-entry for digital filmmakers. The AG-DVX100 is a forward-looking tool that will allow the creative community, to express its visions at the highest creative level." The camera connects to computers using a conventional IEEE 1394 (FireWire) interface. Apple has announced that it will support the 24p format in the future in Final Cut Pro, with other NLE manufacturers expected to follow suit. The AG-DVX100 uses a Leica Dicomar lens with manual zoom, focus, iris and wide field of view. It has two-channel XLR inputs and offers a flip-out 3.5-inch LCD screen. Panasonic also cites its low minimum illumantion ratio of 3 Lux and its low weight of 2kg. The AG-DVX100 is expected to ship in September in time for IBC. Discuss this story at