Discreet has released details of Discreet Media Architecture, its next "major" video-production system. Sitting alongside Inferno, Flame, Flint and Combustion, the system is based around two new applications – codenamed Strata and Mezzo. Strata is a post-production tool that combines editing and effects production, and can work with up to five streams of uncompressed 601 video in real-time. It also includes a 3D environment that allows users to bring elements from 3DS Max and render them within Strata. Other features include SceneFlow and TimeFlow. SceneFlow offers a complete view of the creative workflow and shows image flow, parameter set-up, 2D processes, 3D workflow and audio. TimeFlow shows the changes that take place from the beginning to the end of a sequence. Both technologies are designed to run on standard workstations – though no announcement on the operating systems involved has yet been made. Market manoeuvre
The software will continue the trend of high-end video players making their technology more affordable and accessible. Although it will be initially aimed at the high-end market, the Discreet Media Architecture will move into all areas of the company’s business. According to Discreet, solutions involving Strata and Mezzo will ship before next year’s NAB show. The company has also released upgrades to its high-end line of effects and finishing systems. Inferno 5, Flame 8 and Flint 8 gain support for working with mixed-resolution footage and independent background-rendering systems that run on Linux systems, a timeline, and a unified animation-channel for 3D incorporation. Discreet has also upgraded its Backdraft media-management system to version 5 with HD digitizing and archiving support, and new user interface. Discuss this story at Digitmag.co.uk/discuss.