Boris FX has released Continuum Complete, an expanded version of the Continuum collection of Adobe After Effects (AE) filters that work with Apple's Final Cut Pro (FCP). The collection, from the non-linear editing (NLE) and compositing plug-in developer, works both as a plug-in and a generator within FCP. Continuum Complete includes over 80 filters – featuring 19 colour and blur, 15 effects, 18 distortion and perspective, nine key and matte, and eight time filters. There are also nine particle generators – described by Boris FX as BCC generators – which include auto-animated effects, such as clouds, fire, comets, rain, snow and sparks. Fillters
New filters include Colour Palette, which provides a number of ways to choose colours from the AE composition window or the FCP viewer. Also featured is Cartooner, which draws an outline around the edges of an alpha channel and can also turn a video source into outline animation. PixelChooser, which applies filters based on any pixel or channel attribute, and Time Displacement, which is similar to a conventional displacement map filter but moves pixels in time rather than in space, are included, too. Only one Boris FX product, Graffiti 2.0, runs on Mac OS X. According to company founder and president Boris Yamnitsky, two other of the company’s products will also appear on OS X in the next six weeks via free upgrades downloadable from the Boris Web site. Boris Red, a full compositing application that runs as a plug-in for NLE tools, will be upgraded from version 2.1 to 2.5 – while filter package Boris FX will move from 6.0 to 6.1. As well as OS X support, the upgrades will offer performance improvements and more control of sliders, Boris claims. The company adds that Red will also feature better animation controls for text. Discuss this story at