Billing it the most advanced visual effects creation tool for the desktop, Pinnacle has release Commotion 4.0. The new release includes a significant speed bump, says the company, as well as powerful new tools aimed at simplifying the visual effects creation process. New features in Commotion 4.0 include a 200 per cent speed increase of the paint tools, and a 30 per cent speed hike to the composite tools. Real-time playback of standard definition clips such as PAL and NTSC is now possible in conjunction with Pinnacle's Targa and CineWave products. Also new is Adobe Photoshop layer import, allowing users to import Photoshop files into a composite while preserving layer information such as transfer modes, masks, transparencies, and layer names. New grouping and browsing controls feature, and are aimed at users looking for more control when working with composites and multiple layers. Users can now add mattes, colour corrections, and other filters and motion controls to multiple layers at once, while groups can be viewed solo in the timeline to save on screen clutter. A new timeline browser gives users an overview of the composite, says the company, and offers control for selecting, moving, and deleteing groups and layers. UK pricing is yet to be set, but version 4.0 costs $999 for Commotion Pro 4.0, and $499 for Commotion 4.0.