NLE software developer AIST is to upgrade its popular editing and compositing tool MoviePack. The new version 4.0 - shown at NAB in Las Vegas - brings storyboard, batch capture, and OLE features to the resolution-independent tool. AIST also used the event to preview its up-coming Movie3D tool, which the company says can be used to created sophisticated 3D models that can be used in MoviePack. MoviePack 4.0 adds new canvas, capturing, timeline, and customization features. A new storyboard view allows editing without the timeline, and the software now sports an automatic scene detection feature for swift clip creation. Pre-marked clips can be batch captured, says AIST, without the need to capture the rest of the footage. An OLE Generator debuts, which lets creators link files, charts, and graphics with other OLE applications, such as Microsoft Excel. The application now be skinned, says AIST, with users able to change the look-&-feel of the interface via a new skin browser. New effect modules will ship with the new version, including floating masks, warping, morphing, MovieParticle, MovieCube, MovieLightning, and MovieXplosion tools. Movie3D was shown at the conference, and is being pitched as a 3D solution for DV and 3D creatives. It sports NURBS technology and Subdivision surfaces for controlling complex object deformation. AIST says the shipping version will include a particle system that lets particles be paitned directly onto an object's surface to create hair and fur. 3D painting will also feature, as will a bones system for character-based animations. Price and shipping have yet to be set.