Media 100 used NAB 2001 in Las Vegas to release Media 100 ICE and Media 100 ICE Ultra support for Adobe After Effects on the Mac OS. The company also announced its MediaPress Pro family of real-time MPEG-2 encoding systems for the Mac, a new version of Cleaner, and version 7.5 of its Media 100 i digital media content creation system. Media 100 i 7.5 now features ‘lossless’ video quality, which the company says delivers pristine, uncompressed image quality. The two new effects acceleration solutions for After Effect 5 – Media 100 ICE and Media 100 ICE Ultra – are based on Media 100’s new BlueIce 166 acceleration engine. The company says the boards bring workstation-level processing performance to the Mac in a single-slot PCI solution. Media 100 says it plans to support After Effects 5 on Windows 2000 by summer, 2001. Prices start from £2,649 plus VAT. Also for the Mac OS, MediaPress Pro and MediaPress Pro SDI are Media 100’s latest real-time MPEG-2 encoding systems. The company says that the release marks the industry’s first real-time MPEG-2 encoding system with SDI data acquisition capabilities on the Mac. MediaPress Pro SDI has also been certified by Apple for use with its DVD Studio Pro software. Features in MediaPress Pro include real-time VBR encoding and real-time decoding of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, and digital and analogue hardware and software encoding and decoding. Additional SDI features include a Serial Digital Interface (SDI) for higher-quality input for digital video, and AES/EBU and SP/DIF audio for higher-quality input of digital audio. Slated to ship in May, prices start from £2,195 plus VAT. Cleaner XL and CrystalICE were also revealed. Media 100 says that Cleaner XL will “significantly” speed up the process of creating high-quality, dynamic on-demand streaming media content. Based on the company’s Cleaner 5 technology, it is said to operate at five times the speed when coupled with Media 100’s CrystalICE acceleration technology. The CrystalICE board includes four high-speed processors and streaming algorithms that are designed to decode and filter streaming content at top speed. The company says Cleaner XL will accelerate commonly used filters such as scaling, cropping, deinterlacing, colour adjustment, and intelecine. It will ship in summer 2001, and will include Media 100’s CrystalICE engine. It will cost £4,495 plus VAT. Finally, Media 100 has updated Media 100 i to version 7.5. It’s new “lossless codec” lets users maintain high-quality images with high data efficiencies throughout the entire digital media workflow, according to the company. Media 100 says it will provide the same quality as uncompressed digital video without compromising physical storage space on the disk drive or rendering time. Media 100 says support for the lossless codec comes standard on Media 100 i XR, and is available as an option for Media 100 i XS and LX. Prices for the lossless codec option start at £2,895 plus VAT.