Kaydara has announced the upcoming release of Filmbox 3.0, the latest version of its real-time 3D content authoring and delivery tool. The new version introduces enhancements to the character engine, animation tools and the interface that are designed to allow animators to create, modify and re-use animated content more efficiently. New features in Filmbox 3.0 include: HumanIK – an enhancement to the character engine allowing for a more complex range of movements; a new control curves tool that allows users to edit additive layers of animation without modifying the original data; a new menu bar for faster access to commonly used tools; and new transformation handles that will speed object manipulation. The latest version also natively supports Kaydara's FBX, an interchange format so users can acquire and exchange 3D assets and media from a wide variety of sources. Available on Microsoft Windows NT/2000, Apple OS X, SGI IRIX, and Red Hat Linux, Filmbox 3.0 will ship in July 2001, at a base price of $US 5,000 – UK pricing has yet to be set.