Fast has released a version of its FASTstudio editing software that runs independently of any of the company’s capture boards. FASTstudio.DV 3 will run on any Windows 2000 machine with a 600MHz PIII processor or higher. The NLE feature s the unique FASTstudio artist interface, which takes over the whole of the Windows desktop and uses context-sensitive palettes in the place of menus like higher-end post tools to speed workflow. It offers unlimited number of timeline tracks for video, audio, graphics and titles with realtime playback and mix of up to 16 audio tracks. It supports three-point edits and includes a trim editor and editors for 2D, colour, key, filter and wipe effects. A title generator is integrated for creating still, roll and crawl titles. The application also supports instant saving, multiprocessor workstations, Premiere plug-ins, background rendering and import and export of QuickTime, AVI and WAV files. Users that want more can also purchase the Production Pack, which offers higher-end tools such as a 3D effects editor and enhanced colour keying. It includes track synclock, Avid-style JKL shuttle, support for containers and voiceovers and OMF export. It also includes a Fuse function for joining multiple files and XSend for exchange with other QuickTime applications. FASTstudio is the same software as used by the company’s turnkey solutions Purple and Silver. These include a workstation, a range of hardware upgrades and a IEEE 1394 (FireWire) card or MPEG-2 card respectively. FASTstudio.DV 3 costs £695 plus VAT, setting it against products such as Apple’s Final Cut Pro on the Mac. The Production Pack costs £695 plus VAT, with both products being available as a bundle for £1,295 plus VAT).