Avid has announced the latest version of Xpress DV - its software-only, video editing and effects solution. Designed to work on a laptop with an inexpensive DV In/Out card, Avid Xpress DV 2.0 offers users a portable version of a professional studio. It includes professional video-editing, effects, audio, titling, compositing, and digital delivery tools and provides full compatibility with Avid Media Composer, Symphony and other Avid Xpress systems. This extends to support for titles, layers, dynamic audio levels and mix, keyframes, customized effects, colour correction, AudioSuite and AVX plug-ins, and batch import information. Other new features of version 2.0 include dual-monitor support when working on workstations; new audio features such as support for solo multiple tracks and customized AudioSuite templates; the ability to customize the user interface, keyboard and command palette and configure the timeline toolbar. More effects and compositing features have also been added such as a fit-to-fill motion effects button, VTR-style motion effects, persistent effects, and improved nesting. Users also now have more control over DVD and Web delivery with version 2.0’s create DVD command and Sonic AuthorScript for direct MPEG 1 & 2 output. Xpress DV 2.0 is available in a choice of two bundles: A standard version comes with more than 80 built-in digital-video effects, support for AvidProNet Review & Approval and additional software including Boris FX LTD, Boris Graffiti LTD, Sonic Solutions DVDIt! LE, and Media Cleaner EZ. A Power Pack version is also available which adds the additional software – Avid ePublisher Companion Edition, Pinnacle Commotion DV 3.1, Knoll LightFactory AVX plug-in, Stabilize Effect AVX plug-in, DV Filmmaker's Toolkit. UK pricing for both bundles has yet to be announced. In a separate move, Avid has announced the availability of NewsCutter XP 2.0, the latest version of its non-linear editing system for news and NewsCutter XP Mobile, a new software-only version for laptops. NewsCutter XP Mobile offers the same news-specific editing capabilities as the NewsCutter Effects system but adds features that allow support for these capabilities from remote sites. It can accept and edit DV25 media so remote editors can directly record video, edit and relay completed stories to the newsroom over microwave links, a remote network or the Internet. Additional features of NewsCutter XP 2.0 include an ability to browse newswires, view scripts and time edits; send to playback to keep editing while moving a story, send to workgroup to share media between servers, and record to timeline. Both products are expected to ship in June 2001, UK prices have yet to be announced.