Although Matrox’s RT2000 has only been shipping since March, the company has already announced version 2.0 of its software for the editing card solution. The new set includes a plethora of effects. Some of these were created by Matrox and some by Inscriber, who licensed the technology earlier this year. The new effects from Matrox are split into two categories: particle and bump mapping. The former includes explosions, shatter and shaped cut-outs. These can be used in RT2000’s editing application, Adobe Premiere, as filters and transitions – and include full facilities for gravity and dispersion. Bump-mapping effects are 3D environment-mapped distortion filters. They can be used to create shimmers, waves, bevels and glass effects such as shower doors. The Inscriber EffectsPak 1 includes 300 effects in six categories. These are carpet rolls, flips and flops, blinds, shatters, sphero-wraps and 3D geometry folds. The last group offers transitions with stream folds such as paper aeroplanes and envelopes. All of the new effects will work in realtime, without rendering. Matrox is also adding full keyframeability to all of its 3D effects – allowing a much greater level of customization than was possible before. RT2000 2.0 will also include Inscriber’s TitleExpress. This is a cut-down version of TitleMotion, Inscriber’s widely used titling application. TitleExpress is largely template-driven, but contains many customizable options – such as text placement, sizing, kerning, width, leading and slant. It can also import background images from other applications. The second version of RT2000 is expected in the autumn. In related news, Matrox has also announced a MAX option for its higher-end DigiSuite series of realtime-editing board solutions. This adds realtime DV acquisition, realtime DV print-to-tape, realtime MPEG-2 encoding and realtime 3D DVEs. It utilizes a PCI card carrying the same Flex3D chip as the RT2000, and includes Sonic Solutions’ DVDit! SE DVD authoring tool. The MAX option will cost around £1530, or £900 for users who already have the DV option. It should ship towards the end of the year, says Matrox.