As predicted by Digit last Friday, Matrox and Pinnacle have made their first steps into the Mac market. Both have released video editing boards for the Mac platform, using Apple's Final Cut Pro as the editing application. RTMac from Matrox offers a very similar feature set to the recently released PC-based solution RT2000. It was even demoed at NAB using a RT2000 breakout box. RTMac can handle two streams of video in realtime, with a single graphics layer on top. Matrox effects and transitions also run in realtime. It can utilize digital video inputs, along with support for analogue YUV and component video. An MPEG-2 release is also expected shortly after the launch in autumn this year. Other future options should include support for other editing packages, such as Adobe Premiere. The solution runs on a single PCI card within a G3 or G4 and should cost around £600. Pinnacle has used its acquisition of Truevision last year to create the Targa Cine. This board is designed to be a scalable video engine - starting off with an uncompressed SD board, which can be upgraded into areas such as HD through hardware add-ons. The card includes functionality for realtime 3:2 pulldown and two Digital Tether ports for connecting many different breakout boxes. The Targa Cine should ship in June and should cost less than £6,000 for a solution including a G4, the board and Final Cut Pro. Alongside this announcement, Apple also unveiled Final Cut Pro 1.2.5. 16:9 widescreen is now supported, as is YUV processing. Reference movies can be used, cutting down on disk space by using pointers to source clips. This free update is downloadable from the Apple Web site.