ICE has announced support for its ICE effects acceleration and video capture board within Apple's Final Cut Pro. Well known for adding licks of speed to applications such as Adobe After Effects and Terran's Media Cleaner Pro, the board gives Final Cut Pro a wide range of features. Realtime uncompressed SDI video is available through the card, and the ICE effects and filters are rendered extremely quickly through the board's hardware. The board also includes MOTU 1224 for 24-bit audio processing. ICE for Final Cut Pro also uses the same Blue Ice card as the rest of the Ultra edition solutions, so current owners only need to purchase a software update and new purchasers can use the card with applications such as After Effects for a minimal cost. It is available from June and should cost around £6,750. A cheaper basic edition should also be released shortly after, which offers less hardware acceleration. ICE has also announced Avid 'On Ice' EZ, which gives Avid 'On Ice' users 110 extra effects. The release is free to registered users. Lastly, ICE has also teamed up with Sonic Solutions to work towards adding support for the ICE cards in DVDit! and DVD Fusion applications. This would allow users of those products to encode MPEG2 video at a much faster rate. "ICE'd" Sonic Solutions products are expected to ship in the summer.