Boris FX has launched Boris Graffiti, a titling plug-in for many effects and editing packages that delivers 2D and 3D vector-based animations. Features in Graffiti include unlimited layers, animation with ease-in/ease-out keyframing and tools for creating explosive particles and smooth animated blurs. Text can be designed in 2D or 3D - with the latter offering extrusion, beveled edges and light sources. Single and multiple page rolls are possible, as is text separation for individual animation of every letter. To make creating titles easier, Graffiti includes an effects browser and library. Also, titles can be designed using a separate Boris Keyframer application, which can run on very low-spec machine such as a laptop. These are then imported back into the plug-in for applying to video edits. Graffiti runs on the Mac OS and Windows 98/NT. It supports a huge list of editing and effects packages: including Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Speed Razor, Media 100/iFinish, DPS Velocity - and many products from Avid, Canopus, Discreet and Ulead. Boris FX also claims it is the first title character generator plug-in to work with After Effects. Boris Graffiti costs around £300.