Mozquito Technologies has launched Mozquito Factory 1.5 – an XML-based application which, says the company, will make interactive Web-site design, production and maintenance easier to accomplish. The latest version features Mozquito’s W3C-approved new Forms Markup Language – XHTML-FML – which lets users design and create online applications, complex questionnaires, interactive calendars, order forms, surveys, ecommerce applications and other forms of interactivity. The upgrade includes 20 new ready-made XHTML-FML tags. Using Mozquito Factory 1.5, multiple screen pages can be combined into a single XHTML-FML document so that end users receive a multi-page document at once as a single HTML file and can then go offline while still be able to navigate, fill in fields and re-do entries – reconnecting when they are ready to submit completed documents. At the centre of Mozquito Factory 1.5 is Mozquito Matrix, the company’s conversion engine, which transforms Web pages into a Mozquito file that contains HTML and JavaScript so browsers can handle new XML-based tags. This use of extended XHTML removes the need for additional manual scripting. The product also feature Mozquito MozPad, an code editor that runs your work through the Matrix to check for coding conflicts and errors to ensure your Mozquito-made sites runs flawlessly. Available for Windows, Mac OS Sun/Solaris 8 and Linux Red Hat 6.2, Mozquito Factory 1.5 costs £159 plus VAT.