Kaydara has announced that it will be showcasing MotionBuilder 6 at Siggraph 2004, between August 8 and 10, in Los Angeles. No date has yet been given for the latest release of Kaydara’s character animation software.

There will be demonstrations at the Kaydara booth every day at Siggraph, as well as hands-on sessions. The company claims that version 6 will include enhanced IK and FK keyframe capabilities, interchangeable character setups and an improved user interface.

MotionBuilder 6 character setups have additional support for props, constraints and custom properties, according to Kaydara. The new release also includes new tools for managing motion curves dynamics and a simplified and customizable user-interface.

In a separate announcement, Kaydara has claimed that FBX, its platform-independent 3D authoring and interchange format, is now supported by over 30 companies, including Alias, Discreet, Maxon, NewTek, Softimage and Strata, making it the industry standard interchange format.

FBX can be used as an interchange format between 3D software, hardware, content providers, and other applications. Kaydara FBX is also available for Apple QuickTme.