East London-based Idea Generation Gallery is hosting an exhibition of monsters-themed artworks from some of the best character-based illustrators around, including Rob Steen 's illustrations for Ricky Gervais's Flanimals books and work from Pete Fowler.

The Monsters Inked show will explore the development of monster drawings from the deepest, darkest depths of an artist’s imagination, on to the sketchpad and finishing on the gallery wall – in an incredible exhibition of more than 100 monster images.

The exhibition will take an exclusive and remarkable look at the inner workings of an artist’s mind, to find out exactly where mind-boggling monster illustrations come from… revealing the story behind how and why they were created.

Monsters Inked will include the world-first exhibition of 20 illustrations by Rob Steen from Ricky Gervais’s much-loved Flanimals book (above). The show will look at translating illustrations through an artist’s personality, from the draftsman board to the finished page of an international commercial smash-hit success.

There will be a 800 square feet vinyl installation of Monsterism Island to prove just how far an artist can take the concept of defining monster art – in this case Pete Fowler (above), best known for his work for the Super Furry Animals. Artists including Thunderdog, Mick Brownfield and Ray Smith from the Central Illustration Agency are also showcasing their talents (below). More than 30 illustrations will be on show from nine different illustrators exploring how monsters can be represented through a wide array of radical artistic styles.

Children are welcome to attend and there will be a unique Monsters Den and a thrilling Monster Hunt, which will let the imagination of the gallery’s younger visitors run wild.

Monsters Inked runs from April 8-19.