Monotype has unveiled a new version of its site featuring an updated look and feel, improved usability and performance, and support for French, German and Spanish languages.

Other new features include
-- automatic user updates when new typefaces or other content is added to the site
-- A 'Font carousel' on the homepage, which allows visitors to quikly scroll through different categories of font
-- Font preview capabilities on individual product pages
-- automatic operating system detection, so the site can recommend the best font format for a particular machine

The carousel allows visitors to quickly scroll through font categories such as “formal scripts” or “decorative fonts” and view a selection of corresponding font choices. The home page also provides larger, more detailed and aesthetically pleasing showings of featured typefaces. A font preview capability is provided on different tabs found on product pages. Visitors can click tabs to render a custom text string in a specified font, view the font in different sizes as a “waterfall” graphic, or see technical font data and file names, among other options.

“When we surveyed our core creative professional customers to determine how best to enhance, the message was loud and clear - ‘let the fonts speak for themselves,’” said Carl Crossgrove, senior typeface designer at Monotype Imaging. “It’s like the difference between describing the colour red and showing someone a ripe apple.”

“While we had integrated advanced capabilities into, the site was showing its age and in need of a facelift,” said David Harned, director of Internet development at Monotype Imaging. “Our new look and feel completes the picture - visitors can take advantage of useful features while enjoying a pleasing online experience. In addition, we enhanced to reach customers in their native languages, starting with French, German and Spanish. Visitors can also receive automatic updates when new fonts or content are added to the site. You can see what’s new and then jump right to the specific page. Overall, performance has been improved to make shopping for fonts, quick, easy and fun.” offers more than 125,000 font products available to preview, purchase and download.