Type library Monotype has added typeface collections to its Fonts.com store from 15 type foundries, including Thinkdust, Brass Fonts, TypeTogether, Sherwood Type, DSType, Scriptorium, IHOF, TipografiaRamis, Canada Type, Mean Tangerine, Haiku Monkey, Cubo Fonts, Greenprint, Dutchfonts and TypeBank.

The new fonts can be previewed by clicking the 'foundries added' link on www.fonts.com/new.

International House of Fonts (IHOF), a division of the P22 type foundry, offers an eclectic typeface collection from designers throughout the world, with designs ranging from historical lettering to unique, contemporary offerings. The P22 Chai Tea font is a brush letter script with sweeping strokes and generous horizontal proportions. Suggesting warmth and personality, Chai Tea resembles a distinctive, hand-drawn script. IHOF fonts are available in OpenType, PostScript and TrueType formats.

Sherwood Type, also part of the P22 type foundry, features fonts from designer Ted Staunton. The collection is influenced by historical type designs and contains a variety of styles that include handwriting, classical Roman, Celtic, medieval, and blackletter designs. The P22 1722 typeface is based on early 18th century printing and portrays the look of uneven inking on handmade paper. Sherwood Type fonts are available in OpenType, PostScript and TrueType formats.

Based in Austin, Texas, Scriptorium features the work of David Nalle. The collection features decorative and calligraphic fonts based on historical and folk sources. The Abaddon typeface is an interpretation on lettering from Czech artist Alphons Mucha. Scriptorium fonts are available in PostScript and TrueType formats.

Formed in 2004, Canada Type is a Toronto-based foundry featuring a collection of more than 100 typefaces. The Swan Song design is a digitization of a free form calligraphy sample from British lettering artist, Rachel Yallop. Canada Type fonts are available in OpenType, PostScript and TrueType formats.

Formed in Tokyo more than 20 years ago, TypeBank specializes in Japanese typeface design and production. In addition to licensing its collection to graphic designers, publishers and end users, TypeBank also licenses fonts for use in consumer electronics devices such as mobile phones and laser printers. The TB Calligra Gothic family from TypeBank incorporates slightly flared strokes for an expressive interpretation of the simplistic gothic Japanese typeface style. TypeBank fonts are available in OpenType format for Macintosh and Windows systems and TrueType format for Windows systems.

Typefaces from Thinkdust, Brass Fonts, TypeTogether, DSType, TipografiaRamis, Mean Tangerine, Haiku Monkey, Cubo Fonts, Greenprint and Dutchfonts round out the latest foundry additions on Fonts.com, which now offers more than 150,000 font products from more than 200 foundries.