Luxology has announced that the forthcoming release of modo 301, its 3D content creation software for the Mac and PC, will leverage Apple's Bonjour zero-configuration network technology to power its network rendering capabilities. Modo 301 is due for release later this summer.

Modo is a 3D modeling, painting and rendering application. The current shipping version is modo 203, but Luxology offered early details about modo 301 in May. The software will feature new core capabilities like 3D sculpting and the ability to animate items and their properties. Modo 301 is currently available for pre-order for a special upgrade price -- $295 (£149), versus $395 (£201) after it ships.

With Bonjour support, modo users will be able to create a network renderfarm without having to set up complicate grid computing software, according to Luxology. All Macs and PCs on the network are automatically detected by modo 301, and up to 50 nodes can operate as a render farm. Rendering tasks will be automatically parceled out to machines that are in a "ready-to-render" mode; visual feedback is provided on which parts of the image are being rendered. Modo 301 will use network rendering either to compute single high-res print images or to render out entire animation sequences.