Mistabishi's Printer Jam music video creation detailed

Independent music videos produced on micro-budgets are a constant source of innovation and inspiration -- often more so than high-profile promos. One such top-notch piece is Kenny Frankland of TinSpider Studio's video for Mistabishi's Printer Jam, a rumbling drum-&-bass track on Hospital Records that starts off as the sound of an inkjet printer jamming, then uses those sounds to create complex rhythms.

We spoke to Frankland to find out more.

Watch the music video for Mistabishi's Printer Jam here.

DA: How did you come to work on this video?

KF: "I got the opportunity to work on Printer Jam through a great site called Radar Music Videos, which brings film makers and musicians together. If a label or band want a video producing they post a brief, budget and deadline on the site and film makers submit a pitch of ideas to fit. I had already produced London Elektricity’s All Hell is Breaking Loose video previously, again via Radar so it was great to work with Hospital again as they are a cool bunch of guys."

DA: How did you come up with the concept for the video?

KF: "I love the track and that’s the biggest problem sorted. I listened to track over and over -- in the house, in the car and on my MP3 player whilst walking about and slowly the different structures of the track started to produce different images.

"I liked how the start of the tune is quite structured and things get more intense and disjointed as the track plays through. I saw this actually happening to the printer. The more layers the song gained, the more objects should be presented in the video and the more cluttered the image should become. The idea of its metamorphosis into the creature just came from the noises in the track. The samples of the printer heads sounded like something transforming but I wanted to avoid making it robotic and went for an organic creature instead. Hospital were great and gave me full creative freedom so I was able to just make the video exactly how I saw it in my head – as they did for my previous video for them."

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