Minolta has released details about its next Dimage digital still camera, the Dimage 2330 Zoom. It includes a 2.31 megapixel CCD, a 3x optical zoom and a 1.8-inch colour LCD monitor. The 2.31 megapixel CCD allows 15-x-10cm pictures to be taken at 300dpi. Images are translated through an RGB primary colour filter to keep the colour fidelity as close to the original scene as possible. The 2330 Zoom include a lens with three aspheric surfaces. The 3x optical zoom can be combines with the camera’s 2.5x digital zoom to give a total 7.5x zoom function, equivalent to a 285mm focal length in 35mm film format. The camera also includes a close-up mode and fully automatic balance operations. The close-up mode allows subjects as close a 4cm from the camera to be captured with fine detail still apparent. The automatic operations are controlled from a sliding power switch, which sets the camera’s focus, exposure, flash and white balance. The first three of these are set based upon lighting conditions, while white balance is selected from three preset modes: daylight, tungsten and fluorescent. The 2330 Zoom stores images on a CompactFlash card, although images can also be downloaded to a computer using an included USB cable. The camera also includes a built-in flash with five modes (autoflash, autoflash with red-eye reduction, fill-flash, fill-flash with red-eye reduction and flash cancel), an index display mode for viewing nine captured images at once, a slideshow mode for comparing images and a video output mode for viewing images on a TV screen. It also ships with a copy of Adobe PhotoDeluxe. Pricing for the camera has not yet been announced.