MindAvenue, creators of interactive 3D technologies, today announced it is making its interactive 3D Web authoring tool Axel available for Macintosh users. Axel for Mac OS X, which also supports Mac OS 9, combines 3D Web tools and interaction capabilities within a Web authoring package for high-impact 3D content creation. It will enter its beta phase of development in mid-September say the company. Web content creators using Axel for Mac can create, preview and publish interactive 3D content within Apple’s Aqua user interface, making the storing, organizing and retrieving of files much simpler, say MindAvenue. “By developing a native Mac OS X version of Axel, we have harnessed the power, stability and superior image quality that Mac OS X offers to digital content creators,” states Benoit Cloutier, vice president, research and development and co-founder of MindAvenue. “Axel’s specially designed version for Mac delivers a completely intuitive, Aqua-compliant customized interface that respects Mac’s workflow, maintaining the simplicity and accessibility that Mac users expect. By developing Axel for Mac, we are committed to offering new interactive 3D technologies the Mac graphics community has never before experienced.”