Belgian stop-motion directors Pic Pic Andre have produced three more unique commercials for Cravendale milk, once again featuring Pirate, Cyclist and Cow and introducing a rather irate bull and a few generations of milk-obsessed farmers. The ads were produced by Nexus Productions.

Following on from the original films, produced in 2007, the three ads are centred around a milk bar that, as its name suggests, only serves Cravendale milk.

The first spot, Bad Bull, opens with the mean Bull bursting into the bar and demanding more and more milk until he has drunk the bar dry. Unimpressed, Cow sends him to the milk room to teach him a lesson. It is a kinder and gentler Bull who returns to the bar, offering Cow a bunch of flowers with an apologetic grunt.

In the second film, Slurp, Cow pours out some glasses of milk for a family of thirsty farmers, who range in age from an old bearded granddad to a young boy, with their mustachioed horse in between. After realising that they can produce different notes with each slurp of milk, the farmers rearrange themselves according to height and pitch and spontaneously slurp the theme tune to The Lone Ranger.

The final ad, Toe Tapping, will be broadcast later in the Spring. Pirate’s enjoyment of rockabilly music has some flaming consequences. Luckily for him, Cravendale milk is as apparently as good hot as it is cold.

Pic Pic Andre’s technique of animating mass-produced toy figures is raw and charming, producing films of distinctive humour that always seem to be on the verge of anarchy.

Producer Luke Youngman of Nexus Productions says that "Pic Pic Andre’s work is totally inspirational and infectious. Their thought processes may not be completely obvious at first -- you never know what’s going to happen next -- but once you’re inside their world you see that it always works out perfectly. Wonderfully bonkers."

Watch the first spot Bad Bull here (direct link to QuickTime).