Microsoft on Tuesday slashed the price of Xbox 360 in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore by 20 percent, leaving stateside gamers wondering if and when the same will happen in America.

"The price drop is part of Microsoft's ongoing strategy to bring Xbox's high-definition gaming and entertainment experience to an even wider user base," Microsoft said in a statement.
The news comes as the part-time console maker faces stiff competition from Nintendo and increasing momentum of the PlayStation 3.

It is the second time in as many months that Microsoft has cut the price of the Xbox 360 abroad. In March, the company dropped the price of the system in Europe by nearly 30 percent to spur sales.

In November 2007, the price of the Xbox 360 was dropped to US$349 in America, the first and only time since launching in late 2005.

An estimated 18.4 million Xbox 360s have been purchased worldwide so far, compared to 24.6 million Wiis, and 11.9 million PS3s.