Another Mix09 session will cover high-speed rich Internet application development with the Silverlight Toolkit. Use of the IronRuby dynamic language to build Silverlight applications will be discussed as well.

Visual Studio 2010, the planned upgrade to the platform, will be the subject of a conference session pertaining to Web development. The platform will enable "frictionless" transfers of Web projects and databases from machine to machine, code-focused editing, and "next-generation" JavaScript editing and navigation tools.

A session covering the planned Windows 7 desktop experience, including a new task bar, is being featured at the event.

Productivity enhancements in Microsoft's planned ASP.Net 4.0 platform will be pondered also. ASP.Net is Microsoft's Web site development platform. The conference also will cover building of Microsoft platform applications using Eclipse, Ruby and PHP.

The Oomph toolkit for Microformats is on the Mix09 agenda. Microformats are data format standards for exchanging data on the Web. Microsoft Web Platform, which features a Web application framework and tools and servers, will be touted as well.

One development that had been anticipated but will not happen at the event is release of a binary preview of Moonlight 2.0, for running Silverlight 2.0 on Linux systems. Builders still are working on the software's security system that "sand-boxes" applications to keep them within the browser, said Miguel de Icaza, vice president of the developer platform at Novell and the developer in charge of Moonlight.

"We don't feel that we should release this to the public until the system is secured," de Icaza said on Monday. A formal beta program for Moonlight 2.0 is expected this summer, with the general release eyed for September or October.

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