VideoWave III is the latest version of the editing package from MGI Software aimed at consumers and casual editors. The package includes easy and efficient capture of digital and analogue video – and support for DV input/output, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP3 and VideoCD. More wizards and effects have also been added. For DV users, the application offers SmartDV, which MGI claims speeds up video production without much loss of quality. A wide set of drivers allows VideoWave to capture and output DV using most FireWire boards and DV cameras. It also supports many analogue capture cards, including USB cameras. MPEG-2 support has also been added for users who wish to export broadcast standard materials. Certain features will not make into the first box release of the product, which costs £79.99, but will be made available in March as free downloads for registered users. These tools include support for MP3 music files and capture facilities from VideoCDs.