Media 100 has launched CineStream, a software-based interactive streaming media authoring solution for Web developers and professional content creators. Available for both Windows and the Mac OS, Media 100 CineStream allows users to capture video content directly from digital video sources, edit content and add interactive elements directly into the editing timeline. Using EventStream authoring tools integrated into the timeline, Web designers can embed interactive instructions directly into streaming media programs to trigger content-rich events such as graphics, Flash animations, Java applications, The final product can then be encoded in all the major streaming media formats, including Windows Media, RealSystems, QuickTime and MPEG-1. Media 100 CineStream also includes a number of features that ease the creation of streaming content including a Pan and Scan capability for eliminating unwanted portions of video images; the ability to pan, zoom and rotate with true perspective; support for multiple composition; chroma and luma keyers, and 2D, 3D and keying effects for video layering. Available now, Media 100 CineStream costs £339 plus VAT without an IEEE 1394 (Firewire) card, £399 plus VAT with a card.