Media 100 is well established in the mid-range market but has made its first play into the high-end with the initial fruits of its ‘Pegasus’ project. However, the snappily-titled 844/X starts at a smidgeon under £50,000, though this does include a workstation with 360GB of storage. 844/X is aimed at broadcast designers, visual effects artists and online editors. It offers real-time image processing using a new PCI-standard subsystem, called the GenesisEngine, that Media 100 claims offers a sustained throughput of 420MB per second. The GenesisEngine is powered by seven each of three processors called Foss, Holmes and Hatalsky – which allow real-time, progressive and full-bandwidth processing of footage. A base 844/X system costs £49,995. This includes a dual 1.7GHz processor Compaq W8000 workstation with a Matrox G550 graphics card, Wacom tablet and 360GB of storage.