Alias shared the keynote stage with Apple CEO Steve Jobs for the Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday to announce that Maya Unlimited, its popular 3D graphics and animation software package, is coming to Mac OS X.

Alias general manager Bob Bennett referred to "overwhelming, consistent demand" from Alias' Mac users as the reason why Maya Unlimited is finally coming to Mac OS X.

While Maya Complete has run on Mac OS X since 2001, such add-ons as Maya Fluid Effects, Maya Cloth, Maya Hair, Maya Fur and Maya Live weren't available to Mac users until now. That's put Mac-based Maya 3D artists at a disadvantage, as the Unlimited tools provide much greater realism and complexity than can be accomplished with the Complete package.

Alias' sales figures back up the idea that there's strong demand for Maya Unlimited in the Mac market: 29 per cent of Maya Complete sales in North America go to Mac users; 20 per cent of Alias' Maya Complete sales are made to Mac users globally. The company expects to ship the Mac OS X version of Maya Unlimited later this summer in the US for $6,999 (around £3,850) for the full version.