Alias|Wavefront has formally announced that its Maya 3D animation suite will be released on Mac OS X, Apple’s next generation of the Macintosh platform. The news follows speculation, reported by Digit in March, based upon A|W admitting at a games developer’s conference that it had received "hundreds" of requests for Maya on OS X. "Alias|Wavefront received overwhelming requests from the Macintosh community to make our software available for the Mac," said Richard Kerris, director of Maya Technology at Alias|Wavefront. "We are very pleased to respond to this customer demand today by announcing the development of Maya for Mac OS X. With the G4, Apple is delivering a very impressive, powerful graphics platform, which provides an excellent fit for our world-leading Maya 3D technology." Maya Complete for OS X will not be released until early 2001, when OS X is to be shipped. A|W has previewed the app at Apple’s developer conference – where Developer Preview 4 of OS X was also shown. Pricing and other details will be announced nearer to that date.