Digit has learned that Alias|Wavefront has scrapped its Maya Fusion digital compositing application – shortly after announcing version 3.0 of the product. The company has instead adopted an ‘Open Compositing’ policy, working on improving Maya’s integration with many different compositing tools. There seems to be two main reasons behind this. Firstly, Maya Fusion was considered by many to be the poor cousin of tools such as Avid|DS (previously called Softimage|DS) and Eyeon Software’s Digital Fusion. Richard Love, marketing manager NEMEA at Alias|Wavefront sums this up with ‘our key expertise lies in the development of … 3D software”. Maya Fusion was also getting in the way of Alias|Wavefront’s attempts to integrate Maya with other compositing tools. Because of Fusion, Alias was seen as a competitor to the compositing tool developers – which meant they were less likely to want to work on integrating their tools with Maya. “Our customers use a wide variety of differing post production and compositing tools,” says Love. “It was important we focus upon our integration with these … We are now open to embracing mutually beneficial relationships with a wider variety of compositing solutions and partners, several of whom we may previously have regarded as competitors.” In the end its seems that Alias had to weigh up the success of Maya Fusion versus the additional success it hopse to have with Maya by tying it to a wide range of compositing tools – and Fusion lost. Alias|Wavefront will continue to honour outstanding support contacts on Maya Fusion.