Alias|Wavefront is to bring advanced nonlinear animation tools tailored to games designers in the next release of Maya, the company says. Maya 3, announced today, will incorporate Trax, which Alias says will benefit games artists who need to edit large amounts of motion capture data or mix together multiple animation sequences of the same character in non-destructive, hierarchical and time-independent manner. Maya 3 is slated to ship this summer. Along with the Trax animation additions, Maya 3 will include a number of new features. Alias says that Maya’s subdivision surface modelling tools that sport hierarchical editing will be fully integrated within Maya’s animation and rendering pipeline. A new polygonal architecture that Alias says will boost efficiency, will also debut. Other additions include multiple UV per-vertex support, UV auto-projection, new bézier surface editor for next-gen games development. The company says that Maya 3 will be speed bumped across the board, with major performance and usability improvements planned. Available in summer, Maya Complete 3 for Windows NT and SGI IRIX costs £5,950. Maya Unlimited 3 will cost £12,950, and adds Maya Live, Maya Fur, Maya Cloth, advanced modelling and additional batch-rendering capabilities into the package.