Maxon has released Xfrog 4.2 for CINEMA 4D, and claims the new release adds a number of objects to CINEMA 4D to enhance its organic modelling abilities.

Xfrog 4.2 includes objects designed to model organic structures, with which users can create fully animated version of plants or abstract organic creations.

Xfrog 4.2 includes support for pruning which allows arbitrary geometric objects to be used as Branch growth limits or cut Branches where they hit that object. This offers control over what shape an object grows into and defines places where it shouldn't grow, Maxon claims.

Xfrog 4.2 can also now create start and end caps for branch objects, useful when the pruning feature is used to cut branches. Invisible selections and texture coordinates are automatically created to apply different materials to the branches.

Xfrog 4.2 requires Cinema 4D 8.1 or higher, and runs on both Mac and Windows machines. It can be ordered now and will begin shipping on August 19, Maxon claims.

Xfrog 4.2 costs £177.87 plus VAT, or is a free upgrade for customers who purchased Xfrog 4 after July 1. Other Xfrog 4 customers must pay ‘a small fee’ for the upgrade.