3D software maker Maxon has revealed plans for an update to its flagship 3D application, Cinema 4D. Coming on the eve of the company's 20th anniversary, Cinema 4D 10 will include enhanced object and animation managers, new timeline, enhanced OpenGL support, and a new interactive region renderer.

Release 10 features enhanced object and animation managers, which have been optimized for quicker workflow, says Maxon. Objects can now be filtered, searched, bookmarked and arranged in layers to aid in dealing with large scenes. A completely rewritten timeline can be organized in the same way as the Object Manager, and now offers ripple and region editing tools as well as improved automatic and manual controls over keyframe interpolation.

Interface screen shot of Cinema 4D 10

Cinema 4D 10 will feature improved OpenGL support.

A new PowerSlider allows extensive control over animation without the need to open the timeline has been added, says the company. Version 10 also adds enhanced support for the OpenGL features of newer graphics cards, as well as a new interactive render region, aid users in visualizing the final results of their work prior to the final render. The interface itself has been given a facelift, with the inclusion of new schemes and icons.

A key drive is to boost character animation says Maxon, with scene management given a major boost under version 10. Character animators will benefit from a new comprehensive toolset in the MOCCA module, offering joint-based skeletons with improved IK setup and solutions. Skin deformations allow the user to apply the entire animation from one skeleton to virtually any mesh. Automatic weighting saves time while binding joints to the mesh, and new weighting tools make it easy to adjust or manually weight each joint to the mesh. An extensive morph management system makes lip-syncing and facial animation simple, and the new MOCCA toolset also provides muscular deformation based on the animation of joints. Finally, the VAMP tool simply transfers morphs, UV coordinates, weighting, selections and vertex maps between objects of different topologies.

Every license of Cinema 4D 10 now includes the functionality formerly available as the optional BodyPaint 3D module. This powerful toolset provides artists with unmatched UV editing and 3D painting tools, says the company.

Digit will be carrying an exclusive review of Cinema 4D 10 in the next issue.