Maxon adds 4D Art for 3D art

Maxon has announced Cinema 4D Art, a static graphic version of its Cinema 4D XL 3D modelling, animation and rendering suite. 4D Art drops the animation features but offers a full modelling and rendering options for £549 including VAT (compared to 4D XL’s £1,395 including VAT). Cinema 4D Art includes over 100 modelling tools that use HyperNURBS with subdivision surfaces. It offers over 50 parametric primitives and functions, allowing 2D graphic designers with little or no 3D experience to start using the product very quickly. It also includes built-in parametric deformers and a texture system with 13 material channels that Maxon describes as "a piece of cake to use". Finished scenes can be output to TIFF, Photoshop and JPEG formats at resolutions up to 16,000-x-16,000 – which equates to around 135-x-135cm at 300dpi). Cinema 4D Art can also be bought in a bundle with Maxon’s BodyPaint 3D texture painting app for £729 inc VAT.

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