DualHead2Go, Matrox's expansion box for outputting to two monitors from a single graphics output, has been upgraded to the Digital Edition.

The new version replaces the original model's VGA connections to the monitors with DVI connections -- expanding the device's maximum to output to two 1,920-x-1,200 displays for a desktop of up to 3,840-x-1,200 pixels. Connection to the host desktop or laptop is via VGA.

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DualHead2Go is aimed at users with limited output options on the current computer, such as laptops that only have a single external output. It uses the processing power of the graphics card

The DualHead2Go Digital Edition is compatible with computers running Mac OS X, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP 64-bit and Windows Vista. UK pricing has yet to be set, but it costs $299 (around £155) in the UK.