MassMarket completes Sprite music mixer featuring Drake

VFX studio MassMarket has completed special-effects work on a TV ad launching a high-profile international interactive campaign, The Spark, featuring Grammy-nominated hip hop artist Drake, for Sprite.

The first TV commercial for The Spark, titled 'Unleashed', features Drake struggling to find inspiration in the studio while recording his hit song Forever. Drake drinks a Sprite, helping unleash his lyrical prowess. The promo combines VFX, animatronics and live action.

Click here to watch the ad.

The commercial – produced in 30- and 60-seconds versions– is airing in cinema and made its TV debut during the pregame telecast of Super Bowl XLIV. A behind-the-scenes video, available online, gives music fans a peek into the making of the commercial and showcases the technology used to create the Drake look-a-like animatronics model for the ad‘s unusual special effects.

“The animatronics model is cool because it‘s an exploded version of me that shows all the components of who I am and the things that inspire my music. After I drink a Sprite, the model reassembles, leaving me completely focused to deliver the perfect take,”said Drake. “The Sprite ad ‘Unleashed’ gives a behind-the-scenes view of my process of recording a song in-studio.”

The marketing campaign is aimed at teens and invites them to remix music and film to showcase their originality.

“Our research shows that fresh ideas and experiences are important social currency for teens,” said Joe Tripodi,Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, The Coca-Cola Company. “Whether its music, film or sport, through TheSpark campaign Sprite is providing an original, interactive way for teens around the world to showcase and share their creativity with others.”

The campaign is launching in four continents this year, with the US market launching first.

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