Markzware has announced version 5.5 of FlightCheck Professional and FlightCheck Designer, its pre- and post-flight applications, and a new version of its FlightCheck updater.

The v5.10 free update to FlightCheck Professional and Designer provides expanded PDF checking capabilities and improved Pass4Press and Ghent PDF WorkGroup FlightPlans. It also includes a ‘Similar named spot colour’ Ground Control, which alerts the user when two or more similar but differently named spot colours reside in a file, and the ability to create your own custom Ground Control sets based on existing standards.

The v5.5 upgrades include support for Adobe Creative Suite application files, including Photoshop CS and InDesign CS. There is also support for Adobe Acrobat 6, Macromedia FreeHand MX and enhanced PDF/X checking.

The v5.10 updaters are available as free downloads from the Markzware Web site. The v5.5 upgrades and full products are also available now from the Markzware Web site. FlightCheck Professional v5.5 costs £335 for the Windows version and £201 for Mac. FlightCheck Designer v5.5 costs £134/£70 for Mac/Windows.

A FlightCheck Professional upgrade is £134 from v4.x and £67 from v5.x. FlightCheck Designer upgrade is £67 from v4.x and £54 from v5.x.