Red Giant Software has released Magic Bullet Mojo, a plug-in for video editing and compositing software that allows editors and artists to quickly achieve modern blockbuster look, according to the company.

Designed by Stu Maschwitz, Magic Bullet Mojo enables creatives to replicate the modern blockbusters technique of using a subtle colouring effect to warm up actors’ skin tones while backgrounds and shadows get a cool blue treatment. Red Giant notes that the trick is to do it while keeping the talent in focus and says that with Mojo, users can get a modern Hollywood look in seconds that will suit any footage.

The plug-in special controls for maintaining proper skin tones, full floating-point rendering, and fast render speeds. The main Mojo slider cools shadows and warms highlights at the same time. A hint of Mojo might make your actor's stand out against the background more, while maximum Mojo yields an aggressive, action-movie punch.

Mojo boasts a simple UI simple, with just a few controls. Shadow Tint defines the complementary shadow colour that makes your actors stand out, from an emerald green to a royal blue. The Warm-Cool slider lets you control overall colour temperature, and Bleach allows you to desaturate or super-saturate every colour in the scene.

The three Skin controls let you fine-tune skin tones within the overall Mojo effect. Skin Color nudges the skin tones of actors of any race, eliminating unwanted colour casts. Skin Squeeze flattens the range of skin tones, making subjects stand out against the background and minimizing ruddiness. Skin Solo desaturates all colours in the scene except skin tones, bringing talent front and centre.

Magic Bullet Mojo costs $99 (around £67) and supports After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Avid systems.