Red Giant Software has announced the availability of Magic Bullet Editors, a plug-in for Sony Vegas 5 and Vegas+DVD. Magic Bullet for Editors is a plug-in to enable filmmakers to add film treatments right on the timeline. This new plug-in is based on Magic Bullet, an After Effects plug-in that provides an all-digital pipeline for finishing digital movies and other video projects.

Magic Bullet for Editors is currently available for Final Cut Pro on the Mac. A version for Avid Xpress Pro is scheduled for release at the end of July. All versions contain 55 custom-designed looks to alter shading, contrast, and tints of scenes to mimic the elusive look of film, all built on 14 effects.

The software delivers film stock emulation, diffusion filter, and easy-to-use film-look presets. Magic Bullet for Editors also includes the film damage creation tool, called Misfire, which accurately recreates characteristics of old film, including grain, splotches, and scratches—as well as projection artifacts like flicker and gate weave.

Magic Bullet for Editors is available for Mac OS X and Windows XP/2000. It is distributed in the UK by The Car Park, priced at £175 plus VAT.