Media 100 has announced the next version of its EditDV DV-editing solution for Mac and Windows. Shipping under the new name of CineStream, the upgrade adds the company’s EventStream technology to the app – which has recently been added to the company’s higher-end Media 100 i and iFinish NLEs and Cleaner streaming media encoding tool. EventStream allows events to be placed within video streams, which can be used as chapter points or to open HTML pages in other frames within a Web site. These pages can be used to tie text, graphics and other elements such as Flash animations and Java applications into specific points in a video stream. CineStream can output video streams directly in QuickTime 5 format – or can directly export files to Cleaner 5 for encoding in RealVideo and Windows Media formats. Also included in the app are pan and scan capabilities; pan, zoom and rotate with true perspective; picture-in-picture with crop; unlimited video and effects layers. Multiple compositions are supported, with an on-the-fly, editable submaster allowing simultaneous creation of multiple versions of the same project. Chroma and luma keyers are included – as are unlimited titles, independent control of gradient colours and transparency. 2D and 3D effects and transitions can be created, saved and re-used, with over 200 SMPTE standard transitions included. Cinestream will ship in February and costs $479 from the Media 100 online store. An upgrade from EditDV or MotoDV costs $149. UK pricing and availability have yet to be confirmed.