Alongside the new machines and consumer products, Apple CEO Steve Jobs also added a completely new professional media authoring tool to sit alongside Final Cut Pro. Running on Mac OS 9.0.4 or 9.1, DVD Studio Pro will ship this month for $999 from Apple’s Web site. Direct UK pricing and availability are yet to be confirmed. DVD Studio Pro includes tools for both encoding MPEG-2 video and authoring the menu structure. It can author both moving and still menus with interactive buttons and links. Moving menus can include video tracks. Up to 99 tracks are available – each with up to eight different angles, chapter markers and multiple stories. Multi-language support is included, with up to 8 audio and 32 subtitle streams available per track – which can created in the built-in subtitle editor. DVDs can be created in both 16:9 (widescreen) and convention 4:3 aspect ratios – with Dolby Digital AC-3 format if required. The application also includes tools for adding Web links and creating event- or result-driven application using the DVD scripting language. Project can be previewed in realtime and, when finished, exported to DVD-R, DVD-RAM or DLT drives. Both DVD-5 and DVD-9 projects can be created.