Our sister magazine Macworld has been busily creating its own iPad app just for you, and it's now available to download from the App Store, free for a limited period.

Macworld Express offers the best of its website and magazine content delivered to your iPad, and updated every minute of every day. The app brings you news, reviews, masterclasses, and blogs, and is customisable to suit your reading preferences.

To bring you the app, Macworld worked with Grapple, a fast-growing app developer. Macworld Express offers choice cuts of content, optimised for iPad viewing. Content is pulled from macworld.co.uk, so it's always up to date with the latest buzz. The developers have made the app viewable in both landscape and portrait orientation with a smooth transition between the two views.

The home page, 'My Macworld', is fully customisable, offering you a visual grid of content that meets your specific interests. Here, you can tap the 'Edit' button and choose your favourite section to emphasise. If you're a news addict, you can bring brand-new news stories to the top of the pile. If you want fast access to the freshest reviews, you can select them for prominence instead. If you are more interested in Mac news than iPad news you can pull that to the top, or vice versa.

Read an app review on Macworld Express that tickles your fancy? With embedded App Store links, it's easy to download the app you've been reading about in seconds. Then, maybe you'll want to share the review with friends. Just tap the integrated Twitter, Facebook or email buttons found at the end of the article for instant sharing.

Haven't got time to read an article now? Tap the 'Save' button and when you get the chance to go back and read the article, tap the 'Saved' tab in the navigation bar and select your article. The 'Save' feature means that you can also read these articles offline, perfect for train journeys with no WiFi access.

So what are you waiting for? Download Macworld Express free from Apple's App Store here