The announcement of the new G4-based Macs was all very exciting – but they’re no good without a good screen to use with them. With this in mind Apple has announced three new displays: a 17-inch Studio Display CRT, a 15-inch flat-panel Studio Display and a 22-inch Cinema Display. Apart from the statistics, the main new feature of the monitors is the single cable that connects them to computers. The Apple Display Connector, as the company is calling it, includes digital and analog video signals, power and USB leads in a single cable. Because of this, the monitors can only be used with the new G4s, including the G4 cube. The 17-inch Studio Display includes a Diamondtron CRT with a 16-inch viewable area and a 0.25mm dot pitch. ColorSync internal calibration is included as standard, as is a Theatre Mode for increased brightness when watching video content. It costs £349 plus VAT. The 15-inch flat panel display has an active matrix TFT with a pure digital interface. It has a range of 16.7 million colours at up to 1,024-x-768 pixels. It costs £699 plus VAT. The 22-inch Cinema Display is, according to Apple, the largest all-digital LCD display ever released commercially. It has a wide viewing angle and a range of 16.7 million colours at up to 1,600-x-1,024 pixels. It costs £2,799 plus VAT.