Macromedia has joined forces with mobile phone giant Nokia to create a WAP-Website-generator extension for its Dreamweaver application. The extension lets users author in WML (Wireless Mark-up-Language). Instead of the usual screen view, users are presented with 'cards' that represent a mobile phone's display. The cards can be configured to represent the differing screens that exist across Nokia’s WAP-phone range. However, the extension is not integrated with Dreamweaver UltraDev or any other dynamic system - so only static pages can be created. Most WAP applications, from sports results to m-commerce shops, use non-static information. However, Macromedia and Nokia are working on combining the WML extensions into UltraDev. Macromedia has also revealed that it is working on an extension to Flash, which will let simple, black-&-white animations and images be accessed and broadcast over WAP networks. The Dreamweaver extension is currently only available for Windows, but a Mac version is planned – although progress will depend on Nokia.