Macromedia today entered the Web-site production management business with the launch of SiteSpring. Aimed at medium-sized Web studios, it offers an integrated, server-based approach to team collaboration, file management, and client communications says the company. Macromedia says the product, which costs from £1,299 plus VAT, lets Web teams collaborate on design projects using Web-based project management and reporting processes designed for the Web-site production process. Top of its feature list is a file system that deploys transparent file versioning and achiving, a move the company says will ensure valuable files are protected and that Web design team members are always working on the most up-to-date version. SiteSpring is outward looking too, says Macromedia, and provides tools for seamlessly communicating with clients, as well as manage interactions with freelancers and external contractors. Other features include freeform workflow system, email notification, one-click archiving, fully customizable templates for project sites, online review and approval, unlimited client accounts, and custom reports. Scheduled to ship in early autumn 2001 for Windows, the £1,299 cost includes the SiteSpring Server plus three user licences. A public beta will be launched in July (full sign-up details below).