Claiming 78 per cent of the Web-design market, Macromedia is going on the offensive with its new version of Dreamweaver. The upgrade to version 4 mixes in a range of hand-coding tools, improved layout functionality and more team-centric features for studios needing to check in and out files on a Web project. Features in the new release include a new code view, JavaScript debugging, built-in reference support and vector-graphics features – an upgrade that Macromedia hopes will cement its hold on the market. Citing better code functionality, Macromedia has folded much of the functionality offered by third-party hand-coding tools into the upgrade. A new code view will provide access to an integrated text editor, complete with tag balancing, live syntax coding and auto indenting. Also debuting will be an integrated debugger for JavaScript – the beta version that Digit has access to lets you watch JavaScript execute in a Web browser, with users able to set break points and step through the code, quickly rooting out errors. Macromedia has also included a complete reference manual as part of its interactive help section. Users can highlight a tag or segment of code and glean information about it via a shortcut key. A new Layout view will feature in Dreamweaver 4 when it ships in December. This feature will let users draw directly on a page, drag cells or groups of cells to create a nested table. Macromedia says the Layout view will always create the cleanest possible tables. Editable vectors and Flash text will ship in version 4, with designers able to create Flash buttons and text - resulting in smaller file sizes, vector graphics and editable text. An asset panel has been added, says Macromedia, letting designers track project parts, and manage colours, multimedia objects and images. Macromedia is touting improved workflow and integration in the new release. Tighter links between Dreamweaver and Fireworks will feature - letting users launch and edit graphics with Fireworks from within Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver will also be able to be integrated with content management systems such as Vignette, and it will ship with two links straight from the box: Microsoft Visual SourceSafe and WebDAV. Site management tools also feature. While pricing is yet to be set, Macromedia has indicated a December shipping date.