The Mac OS has long been left lingering in the land of 2D when it comes to Web sites that deploy 3D content - but that’s about to change and Mac-using surfers can step into the virtual world of VRML. ParallelGraphics has launched Cortona - a VRML browser - for the Mac OS. The company says it is aimed at professional artists, graphic designers and Web designers looking to create and view high-quality 3D content online. The company says that Cortona is able to read and access VRML files, is highly optimized for complex 3D rendering - and takes advantage of the G4 processor in Apple Power Macs. The free download is the smallest and fastest VRML browser in the world claims the company, and will let users explore and interact with 3D environments. It has already been ported to Windows, Java (X3D), and there are plans to bring it to PDA-based platforms.