Luxology has released modo 102, the latest version of its 3D subdivision surface and polygonal modelling platform. Luxology claims over one hundred enhancements in the update, which is free for current users.

Key enhancements in modo 102 include improved real-time performance and a more user-friendly interface.

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"The new features in modo 102 allow me to model faster and easier than any other application currently available," said Aaron Smith, artist at Epic Games. "Modo

The release includes an improved advanced toolset, with new functionality such as bridge, paste and loop slice which Luxology claims enables users to create new geometry faster and with greater control.

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Organic tools such as bend and element falloff distance provide a flexible approach to smooth mesh transformation, the company claims. New UV sew and edge length data utilities provide detail-oriented tools for power users.<BR>
In addition to the PERL scripting connection, modo 102 adds support for the LUA scripting language often used by game developers, offering greater flexibility.
The modo 102 scripting system also provides new file and information dialogues, a new progress meter and additional services that allow users to extend modo
Workflow improvements include UV to EPS export scripts, providing a way to paint textures in Photoshop and other paint applications to be used for creating texture maps.

Modo's new auto-quad quickly creates a quadrangular polygon from only three vertices, which the company claims simplifies the process of creating geometry and the fix symmetry repairs the symmetry in a mesh when a user accidentally creates asymmetrical mesh edits.

Additionally, UV selection enhancements for loop-select and select-connected mean users can create complex UV maps quickly and easily, Luxology claims.

Modo 102 includes Maya data support. According to Luxology SUBD blendshapes, SUBD creasing, and selection sets improve connectivity to Maya. The RIB exporter allows users to easily render modo meshes with any Renderman compliant render engine.

Modo 102 is available now through Luxology and distributors, for both Mac OS X and Windows. Standard US pricing is at $895 (around £500), with a limited-time introductory price of $695 (around £380). UK pricing hasn't yet been announced.

The release is free for existing modo customers wishing to upgrade to modo 102, and the upgrade is available from the Luxology Web site.